Who doesn't love Caskett? ♥
This is a page dedicated to the lovely Stana Katic
aka Kate Beckett and her sexy fiance/partner in crime
Nathan Fillion aka Rick Castle.

I changed my mind and am no longer a spoiler free blog. lol
it's too long waiting until 2 and I figure if people don't want
to see they won't be on tumblr (like I'm not
every sunday since it airs in Canada!)

Anyways, ask me stuff,
I love to meet new people. :)

You coming, Castle?

something we’d hear in a very different setting if this were on HBO (via beckettshooha)     

Anonymous sent: who do you think is the most underrated actor on castle?


my answer for this is always going to be stana. she has grown by leaps and bounds in the 5+ years since castle started, is wonderful week in and week out, and has turned in some truly spectacular performances in episodes where beckett is the focus, particularly kill shot and in the belly of the beast. i think it’s a damn shame that she rarely gets any recognition for her work on the show (nf is always the one doing the talk show circuits) and isn’t really known outside of fans of the show. 

Caskett elevator evolution.