Who doesn't love Caskett? ♥
This is a page dedicated to the lovely Stana Katic
aka Kate Beckett and her sexy fiance/partner in crime
Nathan Fillion aka Rick Castle.

I changed my mind and am no longer a spoiler free blog. lol
it's too long waiting until 2 and I figure if people don't want
to see they won't be on tumblr (like I'm not
every sunday since it airs in Canada!)

Anyways, ask me stuff,
I love to meet new people. :)

Anonymous sent: What tattoos do you have

Why anonymous!? Haha I have a hollow heart behind my right ear and a thin basic cross on the top left of my left foot :))

seriously-stana-katic sent: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable). ♥

Ahh shit! Haha hmm…I like that I grew my nails out and my hands look like girl hands now xD, I like…the freckle in my eye. I like that I’m respectful to my parents and as a result have my mom as the absolute best friend in the entire world :) I like that I feel so giving toward people emotionally, physically and financially. Annnnnnddd I like my tattoos ;)

ps.. love you girl ;P


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